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Frau mit knackigem Po am Strand

For strong buttocks, here we present you an effective exercise.


Fresh herbs are not only a tasty refinement of almost all dishes, they also have great health potential.

Wasser wird in ein Glas gegossen

Water makes you alert: It ensures that the blood flows better and the brain is supplied with nutrients. That's why you should drink around two liters of fluid a day.

Himbeere Heidelbeere und Brombeere

Berries render free radicals. Make sure you take advantage of the variety of berries now and take active preventive health care in a tasty way.

Frau betrachtet sich im Spiegel

Your face is sensitive to a mineral deficiency. Take a good look at it in the mirror: look especially at the area around the eyes and mouth.

Grüner Smoothie aus Avocado Gurke und Limette

Green smoothies provide us with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, and antioxidants every day.

Bauch einer Frau

Do not eat raw food after 3 pm. Do not eat too late in the evening, prefer light and low-acid food.

Fill up on happy veggies now Here's a small selection of foods that can make you more powerful and happier.

frisches sprudelndes Wasser

Cold showers wake up your immune cells. They strengthen your body's protective systems, which, among other things, fight the dreaded free radicals.

The trees are bare and the temperatures climb the thermometer further down: Winter is here. After a long day, we now more and more often feel the need to make ourselves comfortable on the sofa.